Sunday, December 3, 2017

We're Back

Well it's been a little while.  The Bards went to U-con and had an absolute blast.  Let me say that the Con-drop is real.  It took a good week to get back to baseline afterwards.  Also Thanksgiving has come and gone, but the Podcasts continue!

First up Our Gang heads to Adarie, as GM Eric puts it, the "Libertarian Paradise," which means a lawless festering hellhole.  Of course Alvilda, still upset about the death of Finney, gets way to attached to a one armed one leg beggar named Sven.  Of course this goes poorly.  And of course we talk another beggar into a deathbed Stormbull conversion and then perform some Stormbull assisted suicide.

Next up we have got some some New School Dungeon Crawl with Luke.  This time the group kills Lenny, you bastards!

We all remember our first time.  The investigators have made some bad choices and now everyone is going insane and the monster is starting to eat investigators left and right.  Join Mike as he runs Against the Trees, and kills absolutely every last investigator.

Next we have got some Star Wars Force and Destiny: Empire of the Destined Age.  In this session it's time to Shut Up Slave!

Keeper Alex takes the Bards on a magical journey to a land of friendship, magic, and the small joys of a peaceful life.  Just kidding, he runs some nightmare fueled Call of Cthulhu.

Star Wars Force and Destiny: Empires of the Destined Age continues, and it's a Medical Emergency!

A while back I bought Lamentations of the Flame Princess at Grand-con.  It is a throwback to earlier more lethal forms of Dungeons and Dragons, with a heavy dose of weird thrown in, which is one of the selling points and the reason I bought it.  I also ordered the module Death Frost Doom and ran it for the Bards, which involved them getting to the dungeon front door, freaking out, and then leaving without actually going into the dungeon.  Afterwards they all did some space drugs and a bunch of them died.  I mean, this was a debacle epic in execution.  Bonus points going for Mike trying to save someone from killing themselves and ripping their jaw off.  That 18 strength be a blessing and a curse!

Lastly we've got more Runequest!  Our Gang is still stuck in the hellhole, I mean Libertarian Paradise of Adarie.  Of course all the party members need to hear about how great Strombull is from Avilda and how he Rope-a-dope'd the Devil before he defeated him.  Stormbull had it all planned out from the beginning.

Even though U-con is over the Bards are planning to be out at Confusion this coming January, so we're in the pre-planning stages at this point.  We've also got a charity event coming up this Saturday, the 9th, to benefit the Grand Rapids home for Veterans (see our meetup for more details and times).  Also we are starting to set the groundwork for higher quality podcasts, but more on that later....

Goodnight Folks!


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