Sunday, December 17, 2017

New Developments and New Podcasts

We've got a couple of new podcasts for you, but first some news!

The studio, after long last, looks like it finally coming back together!  That means the library will finally be back in its full glory.  There are other things in the work as well and there will be more updates over the coming week......but now onward to podcasts.

First up we've got Mike the half-human DM as he continues The Old School Dungeon Crawl.

Next up we've got some more Space Buccaneers!  This time around we've been selected by Captain Mansteel, a huge jerk and now commander of the forces of light in the galaxy, to go on a diplomatic mission through a jump gate.  The mission is highly delicate and will require some top notch diplomacy.  Of course talking isn't our teams strong suit, but blowing things up is.  I think you know how this is going to go.

And we've got a very special New School Dungeon Crawl.  Matt and Cris take over for a session to present Rook and Castle's Excellent Adventure!  Your favorite Paladin and Cleric take a group of adventurers to White Plum mountain to rid the world of evil in the only way they know how, with violence!

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