Friday, February 24, 2017

Hot New Podcasts

You need them!  We've got them!

Aaron continues his Force and Destiny Star Wars game.  This session they meet The Man.

Next up we've got another Fiasco session with the Dragon Slayers playset.  A group of adventurers have just defeated the dragon and now have to contend with the piles of loot they've acquired.  And by contend I mean make poor choices and backstab each other.

DM Wyl concludes his brief foray into the old school renaissance game of Swords and Wizardry.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Rappan Athuk Session Two and Podcasts

Rappan Athuk Session Two: The Lair of the Dung Monster!

RAPPAN ATHUK Session Two "The Lair of the Dung Monster" or “Knee Deep in Shit” for:
Mythopoeia Games Publications Realms of Fantasy RPG meets Frog God Games Rappan Athuk for We Hate Bards podcast at Out of the Box Games.
Players: 7
Characters: 11
Casualties: 1
DATE: 1/27/2017
The adventurers reach the floor of Level One and immediately recoil at the stench of the raw sewage and dung permeating the corridors. Half of the party fail Vitality wards and suffer a -1 penalty on all CDM rolls for the remainder of the excursion. They make their way through chamber after chamber, EMMETT successfully locating a precision trap on a set of steps taking them further below Rappan Athuk.
In what seems to be a poker room – skeleton at table with a deck of cards – GIBS snatches the deck off the table and fumbles his Vitality Ward against poison. [This session will prove to have a record number of fumbles on both sides of the screen.] TREVAR successfully treats the poison using his healer’s arts and GIBS is saved from death.
The party reaches a T-corridor and goes left towards the increasing foul smell. The corridor leads to a large cavern with the corroded remains of two skeletons and a table with 6 vials in a drawer. 3 vials of embalming fluid [WILBERT adds these to his Alchemical kit], two empty vials, and a bottle of Holy water. GIBS locates a secret door in wall. The stench beyond the door is wretched, LEXI and ING vomit immediately.
Inside the strangest room and encounter in published fantasy gaming history – a latrine with a mimic in form of a toilet seat! The mimic is a mutation, a dung monster, responsible for the stench on this level and impossible to kill. KERPLUNK attempts to sit on the seat to relieve himself and takes a hit from the mimic between the legs for 8 wounds… The party begins their feeble attempt to try everything to attack the mimic to no avail... All save GIBS, TREVAR, FREYLO, and LEXI leave the room, defeated by a pile of shit (and feeling like Arthur’s knights in “Monty Python & The Holy Grail” after the encounter at the French castle)…
LEXI attempts a peace offering to the mimic, giving it a short sword which it deposits into the latrine beneath its seat. Then LEXI uses her rod of madness on the mimic, draining half its vitality. The mimic retaliates and strikes LEXI with a maim hit for 20 wounds. LEXI hits the mimic with the rod again, draining its remaining vitality and temporarily disabling the creature. The latrine under the seat is two feet deep in liquid shit. TREVAR casts EFFECT LIQUID on the dung pile and turns it into Holy water. The gaming world is shocked at the creation literally of "HOLY SHIT." GIBS volunteers to be lowered into the latrine and recovers 417 gold, a backpack of stuffing, a dagger +3 (D10), and a sealed bottle with unknown runes on it...
Assembling outside the latrine, the party marches down the other corridor where they hear the calls of a woman pleading for help… They rush down the hallway leading into a large cavern with a river running through the middle, an exit passage half-blocked with rubble, and a women fleeing from a pack of hungry giant rats…
The party attacks the rats with a barrage of missile and melee attacks as the woman runs over the rubble pile, several rats still after her… the party follows… Agility checks follow to navigate the pile without falling… on the other side scores of giant rats swarm upon the party as a hail of arrows rain down from ledges above…
HALBEARD returns fire with silver tipped arrows on the wererats firing from the ledges– drops one… GRANTHAM falls down the rubble pile, recovers, returns fire with normal arrows on the wererats… drops one who regenerates and continues its attacks… TREVAR falls down the pile, recovers; is attacked by giant rats… KERPLUNK sends Lycan and Skreetch to help TREVAR…
A cloud of sneezing dust hits the top of the rubble pile, encircling LEXI and WILBERT. LEXI makes her AGILITY ward and leaps out of the gas, but fate is not so kind to WILBERT who fails and remains choking in the cloud… FREYLO casts WALL OF THORNS on the ledge and impales two wererats… LEXI fires a normal crossbow bolt, a wererat leaps down, attacks FREYLO… EMMETT throws a net on four giant rats… defends FREYLO… GIBS engages four giant rats… KERPLUNK fails his Agility test, tumbles down the rubble, then uses the forte Befriend Beast to convince some of the giant rats to assist GIBS...
One of the wererats impaled by the Wall of Thorns is FLILAAR, it was she who assumed human form and lured the party into the ambush, the other was her consort, JARVIK, who climbs out of the thorns and scales the wall. ING pegs him with a crossbow bolt, causing the rodent to fall, where HALBEARD shoots the rat with a silver arrow and the ambush is over…
GRANTHAM scales the wall and discovers the rat lair including a stash of gold, silver, copper, a scroll, and a pair of elven boots. Below however, WILBERT fails his vitality check in the poison cloud and chokes to death… AMIRA arrives on the scene and attempts to drag him out to no avail… The first casualty of Rappan Athuk is etched in stone – R.I.P. Wilbert the Rogue Alchemist of Hampton Town!

We've also got some podcasts, hot of the metaphorical press!

First up we have the conclusion the Netherstorm Fallout game The Lost Vault.  Can our group of wastelanders make it back to the surface?  Will they let Mike's character finally embrace the sweet release death?  Tune it to find out.

Next up we've got Runequest!  This time Our Gang has a problem.  A problem that the such and such broo slayer caused by hiding all of his money.  Now we've got to result to violence to solve the problem, which is kind of Our Gang's go to solution for just about every problem.  But they are about to face the raw power and awe of the one thing that can defeat them in one blow, The Frying Pan

Bonus Episode!  A while back the Old School Crew took a break from their dungeon delving and gave Wyl a chance to run an Old School Retro Clone called Swords and Wizardry.  Stop in for the attack matrices, stay for the Thac0!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Rappan Athuk Session One Recap

The Legendary Mega-Dungeon Module Has Begun!

Michael Miller, creator of the Realms of Fantasy RPG, will be the Magister for this epic year long event.

Here is a recap of the pre-game and session one:

RAPPAN ATHUK Session One "The Graveyard and Mausoleum" for: Mythopoeia Games Publications Realms of Fantasy RPG meets Frog God Games Rappan Athuk for We Hate Bards podcast at Out of the Box Games.
Players: 7
Characters: 11
Casualties: None
M.I.A.: 1
DATE: 1/27/2017
[Note: the wilderness expedition took 2.5 days from Hampton Town. The original party included all save Gibs, Emmett, Lexi, and Wilbert. Vogel adventured with this party until M.I.A. on the second day of the trek. The party avoided all encounters save two: the first at Simrath's Tomb there was a Total Party Courage fail -- and Simrath (the vampire) took an oath to hunt them down at nightfall; the second, two harpies and their giant-lion ambush. After defeating these last foes the party camped for the night. Simrath did not seek them that evening, however, the next morning they discover Vogel to be missing, then encounter a contingent of the Coastal Guard traveling with Gibs, Emmett, Lexi, and Wilbert. They join the party, escort them to Rappan Athuk, and take their leave. The rest follows below.]
The Party (Halbeard, Grantham, Freylo, Trevar, Ing, Emmett, Lexi, Gibs, Kerplunk, Amira, and Wilbert) make there way down to the ground level. Lexi investigates the well, DECIDES TO AVOID IT, and heads to the Mausoleum. All the party save Kerplunk and Wilbert follow her. Amira remains invisible, pledging to guard camp and serve as lookout while the party adventures below.
At the mausoleum, the party is attacked by the 8 green guardian gargoyles, but easily dispatch them when Trevar uses REPEL to press them against the wall allowing arrows and aether bolts to finish the job. Wilbert collects a set of gargoyle eyes for his Alchemical kit. Despite the best attempts at lock picking by Emmet and Grantham, they cannot get passed the iron doors.
Kerplunk and Wilbert follow after the party, passing the dwarven statue, where Wilbert discovers the hidden compartment in the base. After Emmett's trap searching, the party uncovers the iron key and pass the great iron doors. [The key magically teleports back to the statue after unlocking the doors. Emmett discovers this, and retains the key for future use.]
The party enters the mausoleum and takes note of the stone sarcophagus and magically lit black candles. Wilbert moves in and takes a candle for his Alchemical kit while Halbeard and Grantham throw open the sarcophagus and are ambushed by a black skeleton. As they battle with this foe, Emmett elects to run a rope around the tomb, hoping to tie off the skeleton from climbing out, while entangling Wilbert, Halbeard, and Grantham by mistake. Freylo douses the skeleton with an aether bolt and Gibs leaps across the room at the skeleton, sword in each hand, and dispatches the foe with a maim attack (as fate would have it). Wilbert collects a piece of the black skeleton for his Alchemical kit (yes, there is a pattern here).
A thorough search of the room reveals a secret door in the stone floor behind the sarcophagus hiding a descent of stairs into the darkness Level One. The party descends...

Podcasts of our exploits coming soon!


Friday, February 10, 2017

New Podcasts and Dreamchaser

The Dreamchaser Kickstarter is going strong with over 200% funding with less than two weeks to go.  Head on over there to get your hands on some of the awesome pledge goals.

And Podcasts....

Chaotic Neutral DM Luke continues the New School Dungeon Crawl.  

Once again GM Cris dives into his favorite post-apocalyptic setting.  This time employing a homebrew adaptation of the terrific Netherstorm RPG.  The characters wake up in strange underground city and are beset by dangers around every corner.  Can they make it back to the surface or will they become another victim of The Lost Vault.


Friday, February 3, 2017

Podcasts and Coming Soon

New Old

Old School Dungeon Crawl to be specific.

Mike continues to lead a group of adventurers as they quest for gold, glory, and dungeons!

Luke leads an alternate group of adventures on a more Chaotic Neutral Adventure for gold, glory, and dungeons!

And a special Realms of Fantasy extra!

It's Realms of Fantasy, Thanksgiving style.  Our heroes make one last trip to the town of Erbe.  What will happen?  Will their be wealth and glory?  Or only death....

Got the podcast lineup for this coming February and we've got a mix of the favorites and new adventures including a Fallout Netherstorm game and the much anticipated Rappan Athuk Mega-Dungeon converted for the Realms of Fantasy system.  It is going to be Epic.