Friday, August 19, 2016

Only One Day Late!

Only one day late for your usual We Hate Bards Podcast infusion!  Got too busy yesterday working out the convention schedule for all of our games for this up coming Grand-Con and ConClave.  All the games are almost set and as usual we've got lots to choose, from horror to tradition fantasy to including something special just for Matt on Sunday afternoon.

We've got two new New School Dungeon Crawls this week with Episode 5 Part 1 and Part 2.

More convention news to come including a game list as it closer to the conventions.


Friday, August 12, 2016

Podcasts are up

Just because we did not post last week because of Gen Con doesn't mean were going to skimp on the goods!

Four weeks worth of podcasts for your listening pleasure!

Aaron starts up another Star Wars Force and Destiny Campaign.  We've got the first and second session ready.

Mike This One Will Kill You at Cabin Fever Con.

It's finally here.  Ben takes the reigns of the legendary campaign  which is guaranteed to cause a high body count.  (I die twice in the first session.  Who knew guns could be so dangerous)


Back in Action

We're Back!

Gen Con 2016 is over and we had a great time and played in tons of games!
Shadows of Esteren!  We are in town ravaged by awful monsters and the solution, fake suicide pact.

1920's pulp action!  We as the humans attempt to keep a healing spring out of Fae hands and keep it profitable.  Spoiler Alert!  It ends in a gunfight, rounding up KKK thugs and the Mob, and then mustard gas followed by an explosion.

Cold Steel Wardens!  I finally get to live out my dream as my favorite objectivist super hero!   

We all go crazy!  Emily dies by being forcibly ingesting a parasite.  I go crazy and decide to go delta green full time!

We Play a game as Dwarves looking for a huge diamond underground.  We may or may not have convinced the Albino Salamanders underground that we were part of their prophesy to take the Diamond.  Things did not go well. 

We finally get to play in a Dragon Age game!  We fight the blight, well sort of.    
Oh my!  A vampire game played for laughs, will it work?  Oh by all means yes.  I beat a bookseller unconscious with a leather glove full of quarters.  Plus Zoolander as a vampire and vampire cows!

See you next year Gen Con!  

Thursday, July 28, 2016

New Old and New New!

We've got your the new podcasts you crave!

New Old with the Old School Dungeon Crawl

New New with the New School Dungeon Crawl

All the podcasts that are fit to digitize!

The Bards are also heading out to Gen-Con 2016 next week Thursday.  If anyone will be down there keep an eye out for us or shoot us a email.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Take a Bite out of Chaos!

New RuneQuest!

Listen to part one where we finally get to spend the those hard earned experience points on something that counts: combat skills and learning how to summon small tornadoes! Bonus points to guessing when the upstairs neighbors sink breaks and leaks through the walls causing a power shortage.

Part two is where an old friend comes to visit us.  An old friend that should have STAYED DEAD!  Why does all our enemies come back to haunt us!  From now now on all dead foes get put in our newly established lye pits!