Monday, March 19, 2018

Aaaaahhhhh Good to the Last Drop!

Hello Everyone, we've got a double dose of Realms of Fantasy this week.

A group of seasoned heroes stop by a seemingly abandoned town to find a group of desperate townsfolk caught in the fight of their lives.  They are running low on food and cut off by a group of goblins in the old dwarven mine.  The heroes, being in in for good and gold, offer to lend a hand.  But something in strange about these goblins, they seem to have...strange powers and the townsfolk, they look a little well armed for a group of peasants.  We Hate Bards presents an introductory scenario for the Realms of Fantasy Gaming System: Good To the Last Drop part One and part Two.

Remember....potions be dangerous.


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Call of Cthulhu and Runequest

Welcome back!

First some news!  We are officially fully into the studio.  How do you gauge being fully moved in?  Well the library is once again fully together and better than ever!  We even had to buy a new bookshelf to hold our GURPs stash.  We'll be recording new podcasts over there for higher sound quality and production (stay tuned for more later).  Now onward to some podcasts!

First up we've got Guy running some Call of Cthulhu.  Guy takes us back, way back, keep going, past the middle ages, keep going, past Rome, nope past the Ancient Egyptians, nope not there yet, there you go, everyone living in caves and fighting dangerous animals, perfect.  That's right, its a special Neanderthal based Call of Cthulhu adventure.

Next we have got more Runequest!  In this episode Our Gang gets into some serious trouble, trouble involving one of our most dangerous enemies, the immobile and ever dangerous pit!



Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Children of the Night!

Greetings!  More Podcasts!

This week we've got an exercise in how close we can push Mike to the very edge of sanity in a game of Vampire the Masquerade.  What does a 1890's circus strongman, a stand up comic, and a punk goth all have in common?  We're vampires of course!  And were on the case of finding something missing from the Prince of Grand Rapids.  I'm sure things are not quickly going to get out of hand.

The studio is also coming together nicely and we are hosting regular games there now, which makes for more higher quality podcasts to be released in the future, but more on that later....


Friday, February 16, 2018

The Iron Banded Box

We've got some Call of Cthulhu this week and an interesting one at that.  No trench coats, tommy guns, and dynamite...more like tea ceremonies, honor, and loyalty.  Well maybe some type of ceremonies, the kind that require sacrifices and have people chanting in hooded robes and whatnot.  It's off to Feudal Japan with Guy as the GM!

I'm sure that everything is going to be just fine....

On a more boring note I'm still working through the podcast backlog, but I'm almost through.  All that is left is the Runequest and Realms of Fantasy games, which are a lot.  But more on that later.....

Night Folks!


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

And We're Back

Well we're back, and we are going to ease back into the podcast game, just one or two a week for a little bit till the backlog can get taken care of and get the premium podcasts up and running.  The studio is looking fantastic though, and most importantly the library is back in action.  Which means I can start my debilitating book buying addiction back up. 

And of course the Bards are going to step back up with some Call of Cthulhu.  This time Keeper Alex takes us deep into the Mythos with The Ties That Bind.  I'm sure that everything is going to be just fine.

They'll be more updates on the way, so stayed tuned for more info and more podcasts!