Sunday, November 5, 2017

Last Week, This Week, and U-Con

Well U-Con is coming up soon, very soon!  November 17th through the 19th to be exact.  The Bards again will be there in force running tons of games.  Again I'll be running a three part Call of Cthulhu game called Cold Numbers, involving cryptography and number stations and madness, lots and lots of madness.  Come on down and play in some games with us if you're in the area.

Onward to Podcasts!

Last week we had some podcasts drop but I never got a chance to post it up here.  So last week!

 First up we take a trip to the horror that is the American Mental Health System.  Alex takes us to Dr. Bobin's memorial hospital.

More Star Wars Empire of the Destined Age.  This time it's a little bit of everything.

And now the podcasts for this week (also late).

More Rappan Athuk with Magister Mike Miller using the terrific Realms of Fantasy RPG system.  It is also a pay what you want right now so head on over and get yourself a copy.  But this time we disturb some tombs and get all of our stats drained.  Specters Suck!

Luke continues with the Old School Dungeon Crawl.  This time around in part one the characters just keep digging and in part two the party get a hold of dem bones.

Time to print out more character sheets!  Peace!


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