Sunday, January 28, 2018

Be Back in 5......

It's been a little while, I think since this past Christmas.  The Bards have been super super busy this past couple of months.  We went to another convention in Detroit, Confusion, which was a lot of fun, and I got to finally run my 3.5 module where all the characters become children and have to fight their way from a candy forest.  It was amazing.  We also spent the better part of the month moving into our new studio space!  Along with that we acquired a new computer to edit podcasts.  Yes, yes, I know we have not put out any recent podcasts as of late.  I've spent a whole lot of time going through our huge backlog of podcasts and re-editing them for higher quality.  We are also starting to put together some higher end podcasts in the studio, but more on that later.  Expect the podcast train to pull out of the station again very soon.  I'll probably be releasing some smaller one shots in the coming week to sate your appetite for podcast deliciousness.

We'll be back in 5....


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