Friday, October 20, 2017


Well it has been a real busy couple of weeks, well more than a couple.  The Bards were out in force for Grandcon 2017, then we sent a contingent out to a small one day convention in Big Rapids, and then we had Continuum in Detroit!  It has been intense but awesome.  Our next convention will be out at U-con, and it is going to be fantastic. 

Some highlights from the one day convention in Big Rapids

  • I got to run my Dungeons and Dragons for Losers game, where you could play such exciting classes as a 3rd level Wizard School Dropout, a 2nd Level Stable Boy, a 2nd Level BusGoblin, or a 3rd level Hireling.  The players were absolutely amazing and had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to pass out.
  • I also got to play a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons game based off of Friday the 13th.  I got to play the stereotype of a kid obsessed with ninjas.  So of course my hero was the American Ninja himself!
  • Mike got to dry run his Exodus from Constantinople Call of Cthulhu game.
  • And again We Hate Bards closed down the convention by being the last people to leave the hall. 
And of course Continuum was excellent

  • The Bards got to meet John Wick and I got to watch John Wick.
  • I got to run another game of Kult: Divinity Lost, which is always a hightlight for me.
  • Luke, Justin, and Mike got to play in a game of 7th Sea GM'd by John Wick himself
  • There was a Pirate Party, with some very nice rum.
  • Mike again ran Exodus from Constantanople, but this time we made a huge mess of it.  Justin played a bare knuckle boxer turned bartender called "the Juice," which he would regail us with his many bouts against hilarious sounding opponents.  Myself and my friend Sara played a super wealthy couple who were as morally bankrupt as possible.  We may has spent half the game laughing so hard that Mike had to use his serious GM voice to shut us all up.  Mike if you are reading this, we are sorry, but it could not have been helped.  

All Right enough convention talk, onward to Podcasts!  A lot of Podcasts!

First up we've got some Rappan Athuk for you featuring the terrific Realms of Fantasy Gaming system.  This time around we fail, we fail a whole lot. 

And why not, how about a double dose of Rappan Athuk, you deserve it.  This time its a battle to the death over a pit of lava.  Lexi may be cursed, but she has a ring of fire resistance! 

Time for some Tremulus.  Now that our heroes are all bloodied by a Selkie mauling the only thing to do is to leave and come back with some reinforcements.  Enough Selkie kisses, it's time for Selkie Killing!

It's RuneQuest time!  Our Gang has a problem, mainly that a bunch of filthy Trollkin stole our stuff that we stole from other people!  Now is the time for Trollkin on Slyph Violence!  Blend them for Stormbull!!!

Next we've got a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons game One Shot DM'd by Ken.

And what would a huge podcast dump be without some New School Dungeon Crawl?  This time Luke takes the party to some Reunions.

And of course, more Old School Dungeon Crawl.  This time Mike leads everyone On the Road Again.  I'm sure it will be just like the book.



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