Thursday, May 5, 2016

Savage World, Rifts Edition

Now I have played Rifts before, and loved it on a deep deep level.  I must say that the system as a whole is fragmented and opaque, but where else can you be a vampire cowboy ridding a mecha-dinosaur and shooting a pistol that can level buildings.  Now when I say that I enjoy playing Rifts I do not mean that I enjoy running it.  Character creation is time consuming and deciphering the character sheets themselves is a Gygaxian nightmare.  All this to say is that I did not see this coming.  That's right, Rifts for Savage World.  I cannot begin to image how this is going to work and how the mechanics will translate, but I am super excited.  Oh and just to make this clear the kickstarter made over a quarter of a million dollars on an 8K goal.  That is a whole lot of credits for juicer modification!

If you have not heard of the Rifts rpg, it really is something special and you can get a copy for about $5.  You owe that inner part of yourself that needs a Glitterboy Mecha that can level entire city blocks.  Go on, no one will judge you.  

Also when this comes out, the Bards will have no more excuses.  Rifts will be happening.  


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