Thursday, May 5, 2016

new New NEW!

We've got new stuff all over the place!!!

New Podcasts!

  • GM Cris brings the Bards back to one of his classic genres based off of the SCP Foundation.  The crew is stuck with finding out why the Agency is burning through so many class D personal.  Time to change into black pants and a white shirt and go deep undercover!
  • GM Aaron once again takes the Bards into the Star Wars realm.  This time we are on the hunt for some sweet lightsaber crystals and no one knows what the dice mean. (The previous podcast of this did not work and was thrown in podcast jail.  This is its much nicer twin brother)
New Let's Plays!
  • Watch Ben play as a teenage girl and not understand photography in Life is Strange part 1 and part 2.
  • Ben plays a fiddle as Rome Burns!!!
  • Let's Com-Playn: Skullgirls, in which Luke shows his fighting prowess by losing repeatedly and then lowering the difficulty level.  
  • Also Ben is mildly successful at World Domination.


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