Saturday, June 24, 2017

New Star Wars and a trip to the 13th Age

Well we've got a couple of new podcasts for your listening pleasure.

First up is a game Ryan ran a while back using the 13th Age system.  As much as I am familiar with the system 13th Age can be described as Dungeons and Dragons 4.5 edition.  Which means that like the progression of Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition to 3.5 edition to 3.75 edition (aka Pathfinder), 13th Age is a logical progression and polishing of the 4th edition system.  Which means if you were a fan of 4th edition, you will like 13th Age, perhaps more so.

Anyway, enough rambling!  Time for a story about a quest, a stick, and a volcano.

GM Aaron finally ended his Force and Destiny Campaign, which sadly I had to drop out of early on due to time constraints.  I am still sad that I did not get to play my gambling addicted space otter for longer.  But we've got a brand new Force and Destiny Campaign!  This time GM Mike, not the Half-Human GM variety, begins The Empire of the Destined Age.

May the Force Be with You


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