Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Free RPG Day

Happy Free RPG Day!

The Bards are huge fans of the RuneQuest rpg and have been for a while now, and if you have not been listening the RuneQuest podcast and the insanity of Our Gang, you should start.  Chaosium decided to release a quickstart promo for their new edition and we ran a number of games here around the Grand Rapids area.  It was awesome and I even got to play in a game run by our veteran RuneQuest GM Eric.  No one died, which was surprising, and we got attacked by bunch of talking raccoons!  

As Matt titled this picture of our game: Mobility + Flight and a Slyph to direct the herd = We're Gone!!!

And what would Free RPG day be without some podcasts!

First up we've got more RuneQuest!  This time Our Gang makes a new friend by the name of Finney.  As with all our "new friends" I'm sure Finney is going to be just fine and by no means going to get eaten by a Cacodemon.

Next we've got some new Masks of Nyarlathotep.  After the TPK of our last session some new meat, er I mean investigators are brought in.  Which may or may not have resulted in using some Mythos tainted incense cones.  What have I always been saying, stay away from Mythos tainted drugs!  Well, I have not been really saying that, more like, "do all the Mythos tainted drugs!"  I'm sure my mentally unstable WWI veteran can handle a 30 point sanity hit, no problem.


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