Saturday, May 27, 2017

Podcasts for your listening pleasure: Runequest, Star Wars, and Call of Cthulhu!

Finished up the second Tremulus game, and boy was it a doozy.  Let's just say it ended with Mike's character drinking "monster juice," during a church service.  I am becoming quite fond of the Apocalypse Engine for rpgs.  Look for the podcast later this month.

Also it may be early but The Bards are all ready in preparation stages for this coming convention season, kicking off with Grand Con 2017.  This year it is going to be at a new venue downtown Grand Rapids and we are going to bring the goods!

Now Onward to Podcasts!

Well it was bound to happen.  Ben blood-lust for killing investigators can only be sated for so long.  One wrong move, or in this case Spot Hidden Check, and the whole house of cards come tumbling down.  Spoiler Alert: everyone dies.

Onward to Runequest!  Who would have thought having tons of money would cause all sorts of problems.  You know what they say, Mo Lunars, Mo Problems.

GM Aaron continues on with his Star Wars Force and Destiny campaign.  Things are finally winding down for our crew of mismatched heroes.  Listen in for The End is Nigh, Part One and Part Two.

Time to get on the Cthulhu Train!  Choo Choo, madness and death awaits!  Mike runs a playtest for his every popular BYDA scenario.  Can a group of hobos who are down on their luck resist the temptation for a fortune in easy money? Probably not.


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