Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Playtest, a Playtest, and a New School walk into a bar....

Finally got a chance to playtest the Lovecraftian rpg Tremulus, which uses the Apocalypse RPG engine.  I only had one player show up for the initial game, but it was a blast.  He played a detective who had taken a job from a mysterious man named Mr. Blackmoore.  There was diseases, violence, unspeakable monstrocities, and lots of snooping around (as there should be in any good Lovecraftian game).  It ended with him escaping from the house and making his way back to Chicago with a rescued friend in tow, which he had to make a bargain with one Dr. Johnson to get the friends horrible disease cured.  Now a favor is owed to Dr. Johnson.........


I got the quickstart rules for the new Kult rpg Kult: Divinity Lost.  I was a huge fan of the original Kult rpg and this newly released edition has all the makings of an awesome game.  I've run it a couple of conventions and had some really great games, it just so happens to be run with the same Apocolypse RPG engine as Tremulus.  Even though Ben drank a tall glass of Haterade before he decided to play I think the game went great, well maybe not great for Ben's characters butler.

Chaotic Neutral DM Luke continues the New School Dungeon Crawl.  This week it's a Death Match!

We've got a bunch of games going on this weekend so if you're in the Grand Rapids area check our meetup and get your game on!


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