Friday, November 18, 2016

U-Con, You Awesome

Another U-Con for the books!

The Bards were there and once again U-con continues to be awesome, absolutely awesome.  Thanks to everyone involved including the convention staff, players, and everyone who just stopped by to say hello.  

We ran a lot of games and recorded a bunch of them (editing as quickly as possible!).

Some quick highlights:
  •  Luke got to sit in on a game of 7th sea with the one and only John Wick.  He could not have been happier
  • My Call of Cthulhu game of Grand Manan was awesome.  Thank you to everyone who played!  It is only the second time in half a decade a group was able to finish the whole thing.  The Rev. Buck Samson finally got what was coming to him.  Chomp Chomp.
  • Ben finally got to play his Leverage game (with people that loved the show!)
  • My No One Gets Out of Here Alive Scenario had some of the most memorable characters to date for that system.  
  • The Iron GM Kobold edition was an absolute mess in the best possible way, I practically lost my voice talking in the "kobold" voice.
Thanks again to everyone involved.

See you next year U-Con


(P.S.- Podcasts are coming!)


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