Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Edit, Edit, Edit, Podcasts!

Well it has been a long couple of weeks of basically round the clock editing to get all the convention podcasts ready for upload (P.S.- They are still not all done yet).  But since I skipped a week and this week is Thanksgiving why not give a little extra.

Behold!  Four Podcasts For Your Listening Pleasure!

Matt, after two whole conventions of being neglected, finally gets to run his Bear Essentials game.

It has been a long time coming and I thought this one had been lost but......KUNG FURY!

At ConClave this year the Bards were asked to partake in an Iron GM style VIP game with .the Thunderhead developers and the guest of honor.  It was awesome, I played as a disgraced McGruff the crime dog.  Does not get any better.  (BTW why not start your black friday deals early and head on over to Drivethrurpg to get a copy of their amazing Netherstorm game system for $5.00)

Mike Miller for Halloween put together something special!  It's time for a Call of Cthulhu/AD&D/Realms of Fantasy mashup of epic proportions!  A Tomb of Horror indeed!  If this sparks your interest for more epic fantasy check you can pick up digital copies of the everything you need play for $15.00.  

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and if you have to drive, drive safe!


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