Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Realms of Fantasy

In anticipation for Grand-Con coming up at the end of the week, where we will be running a ton of games here is a little preview of some of the systems we'll be running.

Up first is the terrific Realms of Fantasy, which is an RPG with a distinct old school feel without being another dungeons and dragons clone.  Michael Miller, the creator of the game, sat down and ran a summer campaign for us:

Session One where we try and clean out an old abandoned keep.
Session Two where we end up at a tiny hamlet with some mysterious goings on.  Plus Corruption!
Session Three is where the party tries their hands at some mad monks
Session Four is all about the spiders, those poisonous, poisonous spiders.

Also Aaron is running his Time Stories RPG/Board Game Hybrid at the convention.  The game is like a mix of Time Cop/Doctor Who and each scenario has it's own flavor.  You can listen to the fantasy based scenario or the one involving missing girls and zombies. 

See you at Grand-Con!


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