Friday, March 11, 2016

Netherstorm Podcasts

The Bards had the privileged at this past years U-con to sit down with the creators of the Netherstorm RPG system and we were immediately impressed.  What other system would allow me to live my dream as a 2 1/2 foot tall sapient cockroach?  Well the creators gifted us with their introductory module the Ruins of Radagga, to which you can still pick up a copy for fairly cheap at Amazon.
The module is a good introduction into the system and for a starter showcases a lot of what the system has to offer.  It includes pre-generated characters but I would recommend creating your own from scratch (which is one of the biggest strengths of the system).  You can listen to us create characters and play the first part and the conclusion.

Thanks again to everyone over at Thunderhead Games for creating and introducing the Bards to the system.

Also if anyone is interested Netherstorm has started its playtest for the new Netherstorm Advanced System, to which the Bards are going to start soon.  Head on over to the forums and sign up to get access to the material, it is all free by the way.


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  1. I can't get enough of this system. In our last run I played a Bovine wilderfolk Paladin, which while quite ridiculous in the beginning ended up being a ton of fun. I will say this to new players, expect to have the first character you make be a flop. While this sounds like a bad idea it actually makes for a very interesting learning experience. In order to be successful in this system you really have to have a good team, which means getting together with your GM and other players to decide on roles you want to play in the campaign. There are a lot of skills to go around and not a lot of points to get there. Other than that it's very easy to create characters and running games is simple for anyone with a little bit of experience. I highly highly suggest checking out our podcast and Thunderhead games website!