Friday, March 25, 2016

Marmalade Dog Con 2016

The Bards made an appearance for the first time this year at Marmalade Dog Con in Kalamazoo.  We all had a great time and would like to thank all the staff who put this one together.  Thanks to Mike over at Mythopoeia Games for helping with running his Realms of Fantasy RPG and also to all the guys at Thunderhead Games.  Podcasts from the event are being edited and my voice is just about returning (Thanks Fisherman's Friends).  

Some highlights from the games I ran and participated in were:
  • Ben playing a Dwarf in a 4e Darksun module named Go-Lo (actual spelling, I looked on his character sheet) because he likes to "Go Low!"
  • A still 100% kill rate with the Call of Cthulhu: A Vacation to Remember.
  • A grouping of Kobolds who by means of a failed religion role decided to feed people into the gears on Mechanus because it was their dark new god they must appease. 
  • My Fallout group taking on an incompetent tracker and doing the following:
    • Putting two bomb vests on him
    • Mixing up a hallucination mix and sending him on a quest to get a magic vestment aka one of the bomb vests
    • Convincing him he could win a fistfight with a supermutant party member.
    • Convincing him to that he won the fight after getting knocked unconscious with one punch.
    • Convincing him to get married to the supermutant
    • Getting the supermutant married again to an NPC and then telling him that he was a first husband with first husband rights because they not only were an adventuring group but also a polygamous cult.
    • And much more insanity that I can not even remember it all.  Also Chad did not die, but not for lack of the party trying.
Also I am an unstoppable killing machine in the battletech pods.


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