Thursday, February 4, 2016

Journey Quest......FOR GLORY!!!!!!!

So if you haven't heard of this before than you probably are not the type of person to visit our blog or listen to our podcasts either. For those of you already in the know....IT'S TIME!!!! The folks from Zombie Orpheus Entertainment have announced season 3 of Journey Quest! Ok fine, for those who really don't know Journey Quest is a YouTube series that very much runs how most D&D games actually end up, rather than the terrible movie adaptations we all know and hate. From the very dedicated paladin, the worst wizard in the world, to the backup bard, the characters will have you rolling on the floor laughing. After several years since we were first treated to this series, we still regularly quote, miss quote, and let our games get derailed by reenacting scenes from this GLORIOUS series. Season 3 as with 2 is backed by fans. If you are interested in learning more or backing the Kickstarter please take a look at the video posted below. Thanks for reading

Your easily entertained Editor

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