Sunday, January 31, 2016

Waking up in a hotel room for movie time!

Good Evening Bard Haters!
This morning I awoke much earlier than I needed too. In order to pass my time waiting for checkout and an eventual trip to IKEA, I decided to listen to an associates recommendation and finally watch Turbo Kid. This movie is yet another throw back to the 80's, a genre which seems to be in abundance in the past year. The main character only ever named The Kid, is living alone in the post apocalyptic year of 1997. Apparently inspired heavily by the likes of Terminator, this movie backdrop is caused by a robot vs. humanity nuclear war. Water is more precious than gold, and the only thing more valuable to the kid memorabilia about his favorite hero Turbo Rider. Everyone in this movie good or bad travels the wasteland by bicycle, while wielding baseball bats and machetes. (also a wrist weapon that throws saw blades) The plot holds together better than most in this genre do, and the characters while over the top cliche are believable and entertaining. As shown in the previews the Kid gets his hand on a plasma wrist weapon which changes the game and with his new robot best friend he has no where to hide from trouble.

I highly recommend watching this film, its available on Netflix so you really have no excuse. Let me know what you think.

-Editor in Charge 
Matt N.

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