Friday, January 22, 2016

KULT: Divinity Lost

Let me let you in on a little secret

Reality is a lie and we are in a prison

But that prison is slowly breaking apart....

So is the background for the legendary swedish horror roleplaying game KULT.  The game has been out of print for years and copies of the books are fairly expensive, but totally worth adding to anyones rpg library.  If you have not played or heard about this game and are interested in horror roleplaying I would seek out a copy.  Be warned though, this is an adult game with very dark subject matter, not to say that it is shocking just for effect (which I find endlessly distasteful and abhorrent), but the theme and tone of the book do not shy away from explicit material.

This is to say that there is a new addition being kickstarted this coming February!  The new addition is using the apocalypse engine, which is a great system that uses dice rolls to not only determine success or failure but to move the plot forward as well.  Check out their website and Facebook page to get the details and up to date news on the kickstarter. 


(New Podcasts to be uploaded soon.  Been sick all week with something nasty invading my sinus cavities from the Far Realm)     

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