Monday, January 18, 2016

A new frontier......

Reading for inspiration:
In the past week I finally found some time to pick up some light reading. I dug deep into the storage trunks under my stairs and found a copy of "1932" by Eric Flint. In his book Eric throws a twist into the incredibly dreary Thirty Years War by transporting a small coal mining town from West Virginia through time and space. The egotistical American's utilize their superior fire power to secure an otherwise unstable environment. This book was nothing like I expected. There was a lot of political intrigue, way too much romance, and a huge focus on historical information. While the historical intrigue was great, the characters lacked any sort of depth and seemed to based entirely around stereotyping as many demographics as possible. Surprisingly enough there is one character that really came to life during the story, that was the town of Grantville itself. The author spent an abundance of time researching the town and how it would operate under the circumstances. The town thrives  as it quickly becomes and economic and military power in the region. Other city states through various means join Grantville in become the United States 150 years early and on the entirely wrong continent.

If you at all enjoy history, or liberal propaganda you will definitely enjoy this book, otherwise if you want a good way to layout a campaign with a similar setting then please please please read this book, the world Flint builds is a perfect back drop for that particular setting. The PC's could be either American's transported with the other Resident's of Grantville, or German citizens rescued from chaos by these new heroes. Swords and guns abound both lead to successful party members. Later on in the story, PC's could be spies infiltrating either France, Spain, or the Holy Roman Empire, to defend the interests of Grantville. There is also a war raging, King Gustav could utilize a team of PC's to ensure his interests or a team of infiltrators could tip the scale by sabotaging an enemy encampment. 

Have you ever loved a story so much that you couldn't help but write it into a campaign? What was it and did you ever run it?

-Inspired Editor Matt

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