Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Library hungers...for more...

The Library has needs.  Book needs.  If you have not heard of the We Hate Bards library let me as the Curator of Knowledge bring you up to capacity.  It's a basic lending library, put some of your rpg books in to take some out.  Currently the total number of  books is at resting at 333, not counting modules, from more systems than you can shake a 10 foot pole at.  Some of the recent additions are:
  • A foot and a half stack of 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons books
  • Two D20 supplements, Demon Wars and Sundered Reaches
  • The Lost Souls rpg
  • Pathfinder Core rulebooks and a pirate supplement.
The Library is always hungry, so if you want to come down to the studio and check it out, or put a book or two in, shoot us an email.     

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