Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Food Poisoning Fortitude Save DC 20

Well someone did not make his Fortitude Save this past Saturday when eating a chicken enchilada.  I thought I was coming down with something while playing Hackmaster, but it turned out to be evil, wrapped in a flour tortilla.  Beyond that the Bards have some good stuff coming soon:

The Old School Dungeon Crawl- This coming Satruday, hosted by Apparitions Comics, at 6:30 our hero's will band together to snuff out a nest of filthy Kobolds.  Who doesn't want to put the hurt down on a bunch of Kobolds!

Legend- Luke's 4e/3.5 min-maxers delight is coming up on Friday December 6th.  The system itself begs you to be as awesome as you can be.

Felis and Intro to Numenera are coming up as well but don't have definitive dates as of yet.  If you want to get in on any of this action coming up, head on over to the Meetup and sign yourself up.

My new schedule is really cutting into my gaming time, with only Saturdays available for me.  The problem is I work mostly nights so I have my days mostly free, but that is when everyone else is at work doing their responsible adult thing.  If anyone is available to game during the afternoon hit me up over email or on the Meetup.  What I'm thinking of bring back was an idea of the Very Short Scenario.  These are micro-modules that have pregenerated characters, or quickly generated, that can be played in about one to one and a half hours.  Something like this could sate my appetite during the week.  I'll post more here and on the meetup once things solidify.  Enough Rambling!  Time to find someone who can sell me a vial of Antitoxin for my future out to eat escapades.           

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