Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A New Day Dawns!

After much debating between the We Hate Bards members, and our many players, We Hate Bards has decided to bypass 4th Edition, and we will shortly begin playing D&D Next. Here are some of the other things going on around the office.

  • Cris finished BioShock Infinite, you can find his review at What's In the Console.
  • Have you started listening to our podcasted updates? Our Digital Banter Page is always the first place to check for new content.
  • The We Hate Bards Library has been constructed interested finding out what books we have available for our players? Make sure you stop in the studio and take a look at the wall of books.
  • Are you interested in becoming a player with We Hate Bards? Or sharing an article? What if you want to request something added to our Toolbox page? Well email us at wehatebards@gmail.com with your request.

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