Friday, March 8, 2013

Update Thursdays 3/6/2013

Caution Reading this Post may polymorph you into a chicken.
Well guys I hate to say it but the time has finally come, there is absolutely nothing coming up that you would be interested in, actually you should probably just stop reading this post right now. Still here? Great here's the news!

  • The Grand Rapids RPG Play Testers have a Call of Cthulhu session coming up and are looking for players. 
  • You asked for it and we listened, We Hate Bards is expanding into the flat-crack industry, take a look at our Many Decks of Things page to see Justin's coverage of L5R.
  • Ben is hard at work reviewing the new Fire Emblem game, keep one eye on your game and one on What's In the Console?.
  • We Hate Bards is constantly looking for new games to review we just ordered a copy of 
  • "The Gryphon's Legacy: A Sun & Scale Adventure" unfortunately its being delivered by horseback and won't be here for 2 - 3 weeks. (It came Early)

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