Friday, March 1, 2013

Update Thursdays 2/28/2013

Welcome back blogger fans! We Hate Bards is hard at work bringing you more content! Here's whats coming up:

  • Ben and Justin are slaving away at the review of Metal Gear Rising keep two eyes on What's In the Console? or else you might miss it.
  • Cris is releasing his flagship Call of Cthulhu module Grand Mannan for all of our Homebrew fans.
  • Ben going handheld with Fire Emblem: Awakening What's In the Console? will never be the same......
  • Podcasts are coming out of the woodwork over at Grand Rapids RPG Group get to know us and the best part is we already know you are laughing at us not with us.
  • Check out the Digital Banter Page on home and hearth for more podcasting action! Listen to us go all ADD on the world wide web.
  • We Hate Bards is expanding to flat-crack(card games) coverage with Justin. He's all about the Legends of the 5 Rings(L5R) stay tuned on the home page for info on an upcoming event. 
Plus this nonsense happened......

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