Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Update Wednesdays 1/30/13

Update Wednesday!
Thanks for staying tuned, here's what you have to look forward to this week: 
  • We just posted three great articles from our star female gamer! Head on over to http://bardicknowledgedc5.blogspot.com/ and check them out.
  • Justin's hard at work on Dragon's Dogma to bring you a review this all-star title from last year. Watch for that at http://8bitpandareview.blogspot.com/.
  • The GR Play Test group is hard at work setting up for our first recorded session. We won't apologize for low quality and you can't make us!(http://playtestrpg.blogspot.com/)
  • We will also be launching one more page for more reviews. Your time is precious, so let us sift through the crud and find you the gold!
  • Cris is still hard at work in his corner shop. I'd ask what he's doing but quite frankly I fear asking too many questions. (http://intricatehorrors.blogspot.com/)

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