Friday, September 8, 2017

One Week

Well well well.

It comes full circle.

Grand Con 2017 is one week away!  The Bards will be running tons and tons of games there from all sorts of systems, from the popular and well known, to the indie and small press.  We'll be running it all.  Head on over to the site and pick yourselves up a badge, and we'll see you at the table.

Onward to Podcasts!

First up Mike the Half Human GM continues with the ever popular Old School Dungeon Crawl.

Next up we'll swing the alignment over a bit to the Chaotic side with more Old School Dungeon Crawl with CN GM Luke.

And we've got more Tremulus.  This time our investigators travel to Ireland to find a sword for the Dr. Johnson.  I'm sure things are going to be just fine.  Yup, no gross half seal monster here.  Non at all.


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