Thursday, July 6, 2017

Podcasts are Now!

Like I promised, we've got the Podcasts!  A selection of five for your listening pleasure.

First up Mike the Half Human Keeper runs another group of corpses, er I mean investigators through The Derelict scenario.

Next up Mike the Half Human GM continues the ever popular Old School Dungeon Crawl.

Mike Miller continues the excellent epic module Rappan Athuk using the Realms of Fantasy RPG system.  This time around the group deals with some curses and makes a new friend.

I finally got a group together to give Tremulus a proper test.  It went fantastic, so much so that I am planning on using the system at our upcoming conventions.  In this part, one of many to follow, a group of investigators are owed a favor to a pure, upright, and not at all evil Dr. Johnson.  All they have to do is head to a small town and pick up a girl. Simple, right?

And lastly CN GM Luke runs the New School Dungeon Crawl.  There was no tag on the episode, so it shall hereby be named as another unnamed episode.

Have a good night everyone,


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