Monday, March 27, 2017

Marmalade Dog Con

Well Marmalade Dog Convention 22 has come and gone.  A big thanks to everyone involved especially all our dedicated GM's who took the weekend off to head down to Kalamazoo to run some games.  And boy did we run some games!

 Ah one of the first games of the convention, Netherstorm: Fallout Edition!  I think we all learned a valuable lesson.  When a crazy robobrain gives you dinner invitations to the Grand Viser's Banquet, you totally go.

Luke runs 7th Sea: Round the Jolly ol' Bend.  Who doesn't want pirate swashbuckling action!

Mike the Half-Human GM runs Call of Cthulhu 7th edition, BYDA.  Come for dying in the dessert, stay for the Shoggoth!

Again Mike dives deep into the Mythos with Dead Boarder.  A locked room!  A dead ritually mutilated body!  Vials of Cocaine!  Oh my!

Wyl runs the DCC character funnel under the broken moon.  Apocalyptic Gonzo indeed!

Wyl goes at it again with the DCC character funnel Sour Spring Hollow.  A deserted town and group of hapless peasants, I'm sure everyone is going to be okay!

Realms of Fantasy!  Ben runs the module Mad Cow!  Now with 100% more insane bovines!

The second game of Kult Divinity Lost: The Past that Haunts Us.  The characters lose a friend inside a strange hole in a tree while playing the roleplaying game Demons and Dimensions and later find out that she may be alive!  Time for trip to Inferno!

The first session of Kult Divinity Lost: The Past that Haunts Us.  This one also involved a missing childhood friend but also involved time travel, family cult involvement, grandma assaulting, .50 pistol shooting, and moonshine guzzling.

Thanks again to everyone that made this weekend great!

Also podcasts are coming, probably a double dose!


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