Friday, February 3, 2017

Podcasts and Coming Soon

New Old

Old School Dungeon Crawl to be specific.

Mike continues to lead a group of adventurers as they quest for gold, glory, and dungeons!

Luke leads an alternate group of adventures on a more Chaotic Neutral Adventure for gold, glory, and dungeons!

And a special Realms of Fantasy extra!

It's Realms of Fantasy, Thanksgiving style.  Our heroes make one last trip to the town of Erbe.  What will happen?  Will their be wealth and glory?  Or only death....

Got the podcast lineup for this coming February and we've got a mix of the favorites and new adventures including a Fallout Netherstorm game and the much anticipated Rappan Athuk Mega-Dungeon converted for the Realms of Fantasy system.  It is going to be Epic.


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