Monday, January 23, 2017

Cons, Podcasts, and Kickstarters

Thanks to all the people at this most recent Confusion.  The Bards were able to send a small contingent there to run a full day of games and everyone had a blast.  A lot of new players got introduced to the hobby at the event, which always is an awesome experience.  Mike finally got to run his BYDA, which he'll kill me if I don't abbreviate it, Luke ran his murderhobo funnel which ended in the "Cash Blender," and everyone once again died in A Vacation to Remember.  Even though driving home was like a trip to Silent Hill with all the fog we're glad we made the trip.

In addition the Bards worked overtime this past weekend and did a charity event for a local boy scout troop to raise them some cash and also participated in Brewery Vivants Dungeons and the Dark Arts gaming night.  So it was a game filled busy weekend.  Thanks to everyone who came out to all the events!

We've also got new podcasts!

Mike runs a Call of Cthulhu game involving a forest and some treasure.  I'm sure everything is going to go all right.

Eric once again GM's Our Gang as they attempt to get paid for shady dealings.  Things start to go from bad to worse as Avilda and Cannonson go through a little bit of Chaos induced body modifications.

Our last Dreamchaser playtest is out.  Involving a seriously weird kung fu scenario.

Also the Dreamchaser RPG Kickstarter drops in a couple of days!  Stay tuned for more info!


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