Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Holidays!

A big Holiday greeting from the Bards!

We've got some new podcasts up just in time.

First off we've got the first of three games demoing the Dreamchaser RPG system.  Again a big thanks to Peter for coming down and running us through the system.  In the first session we play as a crack team of Allied soldiers with only one goal in mind, to Kill Josef Mengele!  Did we mention he is not human and is guarded by his fanatical team of sorcerers.  Also Ben plays Abraham Lincoln.

 Next we've got The Dark Eye!  Which is a rpg system that was created in Germany in the early eighties.  Ryan got a hold of a copy at this years Gencon and has been wanting to demo the game for a while but finally got a chance at this years U-Con.

 And GM Aaron continues his Star Wars Force and Destiny Game!

Safe travels to all those that are doing so and again Happy Holidays!


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