Friday, October 21, 2016

Prep and Podcasts

The Bards are back from Conclave 40, where they had an amazing time, ran some games, and actually were able to participate in a couple as well!  With one convention behind us it is onward and eastward to U-Con in Ypsilanti this coming early November.  Which means replenishing supplies and making plans.  In fact I will be running a three part Call of Cthulhu campaign that will be a spectacle and a half.  

But enough about boring talk about printing character sheets and renting lodging, you came for the podcasts and I shall deliver!

Jerry continues his Kulgili campaign in parts two and three.

A long time ago in a galaxy far away Aaron continues this Force and Destiny The Others Campaign.

CN DM Luke continues the Old School Dungeon Crawl with Eaglehawk Ablaze!

The Loser Campaign is back again for Grandcon 2016!  This year our lovable losers dip their hands into politics.

Matt has been missing a lot of conventions lately, and now is the time for payback!  At Grandcon this year we ran The Iron GM whereby Matt had a limited time to come up with a scenario based off of random elements.  Did I also mention that I made the characters and things got completely out of hand.


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