Thursday, July 7, 2016

Unspeakable Thursday!

Over here at Bard HQ we are gearing up for this years Gen-Con coming up in August.  It is going to be another great year and I all ready have some great games lined up to play in.  Hopefully it will be a less infectious trip than last year when my significant other got pink eye, which then later I acquired as well.  

Ben's recent play through of Dark Souls has got me hooked on the game once more.  You're a bad man Mr. Ben, a Bad man.  I just need to get more souls....more souls!  Grind Grind Grind!

We've got a two for one special on otherworldly unspeakable horrors this week.

Keeper Mike delves back into Call of Cthulhu with The Nameless Horror.


The vacation that just won't die.  I swear its like groundhog day, but in hell for Mike every time he plays this scenario.  Maybe this time he'll make it out.  There is always hope right, right?


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