Thursday, February 25, 2016

Kickstarter Pays Out 777 Jackpot!

One more pull on the old handle and.....Jackpot!

This has been a good month for big payouts from kickstarter.  Say what you want about how kickstarter is a black hole for crowdfunding, but the system has been fairly good at funding tabletop RPG's.  Possibly due to their modest goals for project funding.  No 40 billion for a computer game that will die in development hell with nothing to show for it.

First, and much to my surprise, it looks as if the kickstarter I funded a long time ago for the Punktown RPG is finally going to ship sometime this month.  Honestly I had given up that that product would ever launch due to a perfect storm of unforeseen circumstances.  I had originally written up a long term campaign that got mothballed and I may now have to pick it back up again.  Also if you have not read the stories by Jeffrey Thomas that the setting is based off of, do so now.  They are now a classic of weird fiction.  You can get the original collection on amazon and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

And now for the big one, Kult is live.  I mentioned in an earlier post that the classic horror rpg KULT was being re-imaged for a modern audience (the game came out close to 25 years ago).  Today the kickstarter for the game launched and as I write this they are well over their goal, 7x in fact.  I of course will be pledging for a hard copy for the library.  I am sad that I cannot afford to pledge at the Demiurge level to get a one of a kind hard copy, made from "mysterious leather."  Head on over to Kickstarter to get in on the action.  You can get a digital copy for $25 and a hard bound copy for $60.

The Illusion is breaking down....


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