Friday, January 8, 2016

Producer Events!

Welcome to 2016, year of the Bard Haters!
Last year we met a lot of people from across the industry. One of the most exciting for myself was the folks from Double Exposure Inc, mainly because of their Envoy program. This program helps publisher's introduce their product to players by rewarding those of us who run the games. This is a great way to introduce yourself and your friends to systems that you may not otherwise hear about and that probably won't be seen on your local shelves. We Hate Bards is already working towards signing up for this program but we encourage everyone to sign up themselves. What best practices do you have for getting hesitant players to try out new systems? I prefer either the excuse, "its good for you." otherwise the "or else."

We Hate Bards is excited to announce that we are working with several small publishers to help them promote and even develop their products. This evening marks our first official event, we are hosting the folks from Mythopoeia Games are bringing their own Realms of Fantasy game over. Our very own Half Human DM Mike will being running us through character creation and the first module.

If you have any interest in signing up for our events be sure to check out our Meetup! 
-Inspired Editor Matt

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