Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kobolds and Fiasco!

Two new podcasts up for your listening pleasure!

Kobolds and the case of the Paladin Problem: Can a group of pint size anti-heroes rid a town of overzealous do-gooders?

Fiasco Grand-con 2015- Matt, Cris, Eric, and Mike play the Ice playset for Fiasco.  Things get out of hand pretty quickly with murder, drug addiction, spurned romances, and ill fated schemes.  Hilarity Ensues! 

Head on over for a listen.  Or check us out on Itunes.  

Now that Grand-con 2015 is in the past the Bards are gearing up for U-con coming this November. 

As always if your in the area check out our Meetup for future games, we've got a number of games coming up including two dungeons and dragons 5th edition games.  

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