Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Post Grand-Con 2015

Well Grand-Con 2015 is over and the Bards made an impressive showing!  The entire library was moved, and our backs are still getting over it!

Thanks be to all the guys at MSTB Gaming and Brian and Mark for making the whole thing possible.  We had a great time and are looking forward to Grand-Con 2016!

The Library in all it's Glory

A Dungeon Crawl Classics game of Hero's are Made, Not Born with GM Cris

An ever composed GM Mike lays down the Call of Cthulhu insanity with This One Will Kill You!

GM Eric takes the characters to a circus, death and destruction follow!

Time for some Old School DMing of Keep on the Borderlands with Ben.

GM Wyle and Deadlands, Savage World Addition

Worlds Tiniest GM!

See you next year Grand-Con

Podcasts of events will be posted soon, but in the meantime a taste what is to come with a dry run of Call of Cthulhu Dark White.  Cris finally gets what he always wanted, a flamethrower.  It goes pretty much as expected.   

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