Saturday, September 5, 2015


Ever wish you could just strip down your role playing system to its bare adolescent essence?  Does alignment restrictions and story just get in the way of killing things and taking their stuff?  Is your lust for violence unquenchable? Then do I have a system for you.

Murderhobos is the system that takes Dungeons and Dragons role playing and strips it down to its bloody, bloody, bloody core.  Its simplicity, character creation takes a matter of minutes, is only matched by the fun you will have while playing it.  You can download a free copy here.

The Bards recently ran through a short session with Murder Master Luke running the show.  As you can imagine things get off the rails pretty darn quickly.

Take a listen or download the podcast at Itunes.  (Trigger warnings for crude and inappropriate language, extreme violence, and Ben, as usual, taking things way too far)

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