Saturday, November 9, 2013

25 hours of grueling tabletoping...for a good cause!

Extra Life is over and done.  It was a whole lot of fun, but totally exhausting.  It usually takes me a good 3-4 days to get back in the swing of things, but then comes the sickness, which knocked me out for another couple of days.  I'm just now crawling out from underneath the blanket on my couch.  Though it is always a long endurance check, I am always glad that the Bards and myself were able to participate.  The organization as a whole raised over 3.8 million dollars.  That is some serious money.  Thanks again to GrandLan for hosting us and putting up with our antics for 25 hours straight.  Here's a couple of highlights of our escapades.

  • Did a DM challenge whereby each person writes down a short summery of a one shot campaign and then everyone votes on it in secret.  The person who has the most votes has 30 minutes to create the campaign while everyone else rolls up characters.  My "Kobolds at the DMV" won.  It's where a group of kobolds have to get off the plane of Mechanus.  Antics ensued.
  • Ryan ran the classic, updated for 3.5, Tomb of Horrors.  When asked what type of restrictions on rolling up characters he said, "no core races, anything else is fine."  I decided to roll up an intelligent Gelatinous Cube named Slushy.  Lots of characters died, not slushy though, and the group only made it about 3 rooms in.  I loved it.  
  • Played some of my ongoing Strangers in a Strange Land campaign, that mostly involved checking on portals in the characters newly acquired magic house.  They may have enlisted the help of a dog which they made somewhat intelligent.  They bribed him by feeding him steaks.  His new name by the ways is onemoresteak the dog.   
The We Hate Bards team sends out an earnest thank you to everyone who showed up and to all of those that supported us.

Got some stuff coming up round the studio.  The site will eventually have a redesign and we hope to get podcasting professional soon.  Head on over to the Meet Up, we've got a bunch of games coming up including some Hackmaster and an Old School Dungeon Crawl.  The Bards have a lot going on with even more in the works.  If you haven't all ready sign up for the meet up and follow us on Facebook.

Slushy out!        

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