Monday, March 26, 2018

Podcasts are up!

This week we've got something old and something new.

First the old

First up we have a Mike the Half Human GM classic.  Mike ran the Call of Cthulhu introductory scenario Dead Boarder for a number of conventions and it was always a good time.  In fact one time my character did two vials of cocaine, failed his Con check, jumped out the window unharmed, and then was gunned down by Ben's police officer character and his cop buddies.  It was amazing.  I can guarantee this game won't end like that, but I'm sure things are not going to end great.

Onto the New

It's time to go back to Rappan Athuk with Mike Miller as the Magister using the terrific Realms of Fantasy gaming system.  This time our intrepid band of adventurers discover the most deadly of all the beasts that live to plague all that this good and beautiful.  Its.....Its.....Its...........OMG FROGS!!!!!


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